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Bamboo Flooring with Nature Seal



The classic exotic authenticity of the bamboo flooring `Bamboo Forest` made of the pressed bamboo cane which is naturally sealed appears like a bamboo forest in the installed surface.


Installation Information:

The Bamboo Flooring `Bamboo Grove` is to be fully glued down.            

Installation on a warm water underfloor heating system is fully glue down.

Floating installation is possible if the total width of planks does not exceed 5 m.


The top layer of this bamboo flooring is as hard as stone and naturally varnished.

No sanding and no application of any finish like lacquer or oil are necessary.


Maintenance: Clean with floor milk for varnished wooden flooring.


Technical data sheet and prices: The technical data and prices are there as PDF files that can be downloaded or opened.

4. Flooring `Bamboo Grove`
1210 x 125 x 18 mm - Nature Seal - with microbevel

1210 x 125 x 18 mm - Nature Seal - with microbevel

Technical specifications